The Infinite Game

The infinite game. I’m playing with a team, assaulting the guarded house of one of the 1%. I point out to my teammates, that by the time we arrive, he’ll have stocked up supplies, and built defences. He’ll be gambling on us not being organised enough to destroy his defences within the time limit of the game. On our transport, Robin Williams sits next to a black Frank Sinatra, who carries a bag for me. Evangelical Christians walk up and down the bus, collecting money for the newly discovers miracle of South African weight loss, which is that Jesus makes you lighter if you weigh yourself in the morning. 
In my pocket, I find money from a friends wife. I hide it. I don’t think that she’d want me to donate to the crazy church. 
At our destination, black Frank goes a little crazy. I talk to him, as a thin, dismembered arm, falls past us. We are at the factory complex owned by our target. I chat to the daughter of one of my team. Then try to contact the target. It’ll never work, and never does, every time I’ve played the game. We begin to organise our attack. There’s a car race to navigate. I meet C. She’s a devout evangelical Christian, just as she is in real life, we are to be married. I’m worried about religious incompatibility. We hang out together. It’s fun. I’m with her and her sister. She changes. Becomes younger, and blond. Her sister becomes a Spanish dictator. I kiss her, and we fall in love. We sleep in a Mexican villa. We hear gunshots, and sounds of people trying to break in. We’re relived for a break in the monotony. 
We eat a meal with others. Stacks of steamed vegetables. I’m not hungry. C’s head is a triple eyed pumpkin. The man next to me reaches over, and scrapes her face of with a fork. Inside, her head is full of more vegetables. Her face looks surprised as he eats it. 
I dig my fork into his face, in retaliation. I drag away the skin around his right eye, and his eyeball. He doesn’t appear to be in pain. I add the flesh to my plate. He attacks me with a knife. I hold him in a choke hold. He is now Japanese. I explain to him that he always dies at this point, it’s part of the game’s story line. We struggle, but eventually he fades and dies. Like every time. 


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