Time Off for Good Behaviour

I’m having a break from Facebook and Twitter this month, though my blog posts are automatically shared there, and If This Then That wished people happy new year, and shares APOD from NASA, on my behalf. So it probably looks like I’ve failed in my intention already, but who cares? It does make me wonder if I could develop a bot, from analysing my previous social media behaviour, to automate the whole process. I’d never need to go online again. 
So, what to do with this freedom from the tyranny of social media? Well, reading, writing, creating music, thinking, exercise, these are some things that come to mind. New Year’s Day, and I went for a walk. Coffee and reading An Experiment with Time in my favourite café, a walk in the rain through Northernhay Gardens. I paused before the bandstand. I can’t remember the last time I saw a band play there. The homeless used to shelter there, until the council secured it with gates. An empty stage, caged in the rain, an audience of one. 
Tomorrow I will visit the gym, meet an old friend, and make some music. All good behaviours, from time off social media. 


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