UKIP and the Naked Giantess

An image. A broken multi core cable. No explanation. It may be underwater. 
A small drone is flown by a man. It has the torso of a naked woman, and a small, metal head. It fires ineffectually. Dead lizards lay on the ground. A wicked witch character taunts me. I step safe, behind a corrugated metal gate. 
I’m waking down from a moor. Old ladies stop to offer me food. It has gravy on it. I’ll spill it as I walk. They want to drive me, but we need to walk, the exercise is addictive. 
I’m in a castle. Two of us dare each other to lie in a cold, water filled barrel. I get used to the temperature by slowly undressing. I stay in the cold water longer, covered by a blue blanket. I feel like I’ve won, but also that I’ve cheated. 
I walk through a muddy field on my way to the moor. A woman running a seed festival, in an empty hall, gives me a shirt. It has a sun design, and the words “the golden sun” on it. I won it at Christmas, but never picked it up. 
We carry on through blue muddy fertiliser, I joke that it’s made of blue meanies. We pass other castles. At one, tiny Napoleon Dynamites protest a naked giantess telling her to go home. She’s with us, but we pretend to protest too. When I explain I’m English, one of the uses basic hand signals for “leave our land”
They are like a UKIP of Napoleon Dynamite clones. 


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