Encrypting the Aliens

I am sat in a concrete stairwell with superman. We share a red drink. He tells me spaceships are coming. I step into the street. A ship has landed. It transforms into a pick up truck, with a giant in the back. Superman warns me to be cautious. I look at the technology, and decide it is probably safe. 
The aliens don’t speak. We play with them, like children playing together. Slowly they begin to understand us. He says we are unlike any of the fallen people’s they have encountered on other worlds. I wonder if he means ‘defeated’. He says we have a positivity found nowhere else. 
We are taken to the alien world. It looks like an indoor shopping centre. We are to be processed. I’m guessing that this means killed. I ask to make a final statement, a message to my friends and family. The alien leads me to a simple typewriter like device. It only has a space bar, and keys for copy and paste. I realise the device is designed to be dictated into. I ask the device if it can access other alien technology. It is networked with everything. They have no concept of network security. I tell the device to begin encrypting everything with a key I provide, and then command it to shut down all alien power sources. The alien is amazed at my cheeky bravery. He walks us to find someone senior. As we walk, we hear alarms ringing. Doors become locked, and buildings shut down. 



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