Goddess on the Street

I’m at Danes Rd. I’m chatting to a local councillor, I don’t know which party. I show him the local free paper. In it, are a series of spoof adds for different political parties, each having their own large, satirical, campaign badge. He is unhappy about thus, and rips them out. I can’t help winding him up, he’s quite the doddery old fool. I usher him out, thanking him for his time. 
As he leaves, an earnest young man appears at the door. He is wearing a white yoga suit. He is here for a meditation class. The class requires absolute silence. This bothers me, as I was hoping to listen to some comedy on the radio. I decide to go out for a bit. As I wander along the street, I see an incarnation of Durga walk by. I give him a quick nod. He’s on his way to do a visitation to a devotee. He is a man in the role of a goddess. He’s followed by a bird headed character with a shield snd sword, who has to appear whenever certain sacred items are worn. He is a version of Mahishasura. 
I head back. V is just arriving home. She asks me if I can get a builder friend to meet her on the roof at midnight, to discuss work that needs to be done. We try to enter the house quietly, worried that our combined heartbeats will interrupt the meditation lesson. 


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