Outstanding in His Field

I’m on a career experience. R and I are on a farm. He shoots time lapse video of andromeda setting over a shitty field. I discover the locals have a word for shitty fields, they call them ‘Bisbys’. I share this with R. He reminds me that was a nickname for someone local we used to work with. It explains a lot. He was full of shit. 
We walk to meet other workers, discussing our previous experiences. This is the third time we’ve been to this farm. I’ve been to another one also, not too far away. We see the H brothers clearing a field. This reminds me of other times I’ve worked away from home. We agree it’s a great company we work for, that allows us to do so much stuff outside, to help the local environment grow. To do work beyond the boundary of the business. 


What do you think?

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