The Persistence of GIFs

I’m watching the film Moses on my iMac. I’m very tired, and keep nodding off, Charlton Heston and the voice of God reawaken me each time. I awake a final time, headphones strangling me. I rip them off, and head for bed. In the bathroom, I look into a mirror. A younger me. The eyelids are seamless, sealed shut, yet still I can see. 
I look through my bathroom door, I can see the bedroom beyond, lights flash through the X-ray windows. I float through the door. In the bedroom, I try, and fail, to get comfortable on the bed. 
I set up a large remote control helicopter. It’s too large to fly indoors. It warns me of the danger, and I power it down. Arabic men rush to look outside. It is snowing heavily. They are excited. We go outside. In the souk, a startled white and tortoiseshell cat, spins on its head, and freezes, like a break dancer. We all laugh. I sit and stroke the cat. A Hindu man sits with me, and we all discuss the promotion of our friend to the British Museum. The Arabs want to use this connection. I think that these small, brown, men should start their own Masonic brotherhood. 
I’m flying through an animation of London. The POV starts under the Thames, and flys along a corridor of supporting columns under major landmarks. There’s a secret symbolism here, a secret door that opens as perspectives align. I discuss this with a man in the street. He thinks it’s very 80s, and crosses the road. I follow him. I wait outside a shop. Through the window I can see it is mostly gaudy clothing for middle aged women. I enter, and head upstairs. I hear repeated noises. On the floor, many large, irregularly shaped slabs of wood. Each divided into a collage, animated gif portraits loop endlessly. Stepping over them, I see more erotic images at the far side of the room. The assistant tells me that these are not for sale. I ask him to bring one to the pub for me later. We sit, and view a 3D gif of The Persistence of Memory. I wonder why people don’t display fine art on their device screens when they’re not in use. We talk about this. 
I stand up to go, and the assistant joins me. We walk outside, and down a ramp, complementing a young man on a bike for his sharp clothes. We enter a fast food place. My old boss serves a variety of spicy sausages in seed covered baguettes. He stretches a baguette, and wears it as a hat. We laugh. I walk into a market with S. We browse hippy clothes, and greet friendly dogs. 



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