Stealing Power from the Royal Dinosaur 

I’m at a Royal party. I’m dressed as a beefeater. R is there, dressed as a vicar. Lots of people are camping. It’s just before dawn. Some tents have collapsed in the rain. I talk to K and C in their collapsed tent. They seem to be quite happy. 
A general calls us to order. A drunk 7 of 9 tries to organise us. 
I’m playing a game. Vehicles drive past, but parts are in the wrong place. I shoot at them from my vehicle, and the parts slide around, like a tile puzzle. The aim is to get all the pieces in the right place, without moving the wheels, and stopping the vehicle. I finish round one, an SUV, and round two, a tank. 
The tank is fired upon from behind. I steer it into a building on the right. There’s lots of infantry here. We enter a huge warehouse. 

At its centre, a giant, cylindrical container, glowing light blue from a band around its top. My view changes. I’m looking down from above. I open the container. I pull out a glass cylinder of glowing blue light. I place it in a bag. An alarm is activated. I’m aware another giant is coming, to claim the power back. I scoop up my infantry, trying not to tread on them, though they are very small, and hard to see. I place them on my shoulders, in my pockets, both entry points to my internal weapons systems. Behind me, I see the other giant. It is fuzzy, it’s edges indistinct, from the many tiny individuals that make up its body. I instruct my small soldiers what weapons I have, where they are, and how to use them. I carry a small, tactical, nuclear device, that I recommend we arm, but save as a weapon of last resort. I ask them to arm missiles located in my back. 
The other giant is gaining on me, as we stride across sand dunes. It trips. I see it clearly. It is an old dinosaur. It tells me that it’s not a dinosaur, but from another world. It’s offended that I think of it as a dinosaur.  
As it tries to struggle to stand up, we escape, weapons and power cylinder intact. 


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