Who Put the Tree into Country?

A scrapyard. I’m with Mark E Smith and other musicians, as I unlock the gate, I tell them his the lead singer of Big Country, Stuart Adamson, guffed on my mars bar, or was it a twix? The lock writhes in my hand like an acid hallucination. We enter the yard and jam together. 
I’m watching a young girl in a laboratory get tased. She grabs the weapon and uses it against the guard attacking her. He falls to the floor, and she runs. What looks like medical equipment transforms into insect-like robot guards. They tase her, and trap her body between them, rendering her motionless. 
Two people I know try to trap me in a wire cage. I’m next to be tased. They call it a joke. I disagree. I grab the cage, and beat them severely with it. 
Proportionate violence, given the circumstances. 


What do you think?

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