Live Poor, Die Soon

I’m with my brother, Don. We play a game called Suicide Boy. The character on screen leaps from a high rise window, and you have to steer him as he collects jet packs and other items to speed up his demise. 
Then I’m in the game. I’m the Suicide Boy. I don’t want to die. I change direction with my jet pack, head up instead of down. I see others doing the same thing. As my power runs out, I bash someone into the wall. While he’s unconscious, I use his jet pack to get higher, I keep doing this, fighting people, stealing their power, and moving upwards, until there’s no one left to acquire power from. As I’m trying to jump to the last person, we all run out of power, and fall, landing on a grey stone tower. Speakers below announce that we are to be executed by sonic weapons for trying to escape our suicidal destiny. 
We huddle on the wet rock. Sad and resigned to our fate. I shuffle to try and get more comfortable. I notice behind me, a red brick staircase. There’s an easy way out. 
I lead the others down, through a busy market place, where a radio reporter is looking for us, wanting an interview. We slide by her. 
There’s an ambulance moving slowly away, with gravel pouring out of its open rear doors. Vron holds on to a water ski bar, riding the gravel like a wave. I grab another bar and join her. The ambulance speeds up, I ski through long grass and hedgerows on the roadside. When we’re far enough away, I let go. I walk into an office block. There’s equipment here I need to collect. A fax machine. An Apple TV. An office worker asks about the small black box. I tell them it’s a quantum processing plant for fairy power extraction. They give me a business card. I listen to messages on my fax machine. My sad girlfriend is crying, I’ve only just got the message. 
I walk along a muddy riverside. Jef and his family are there. I climb a bridge with them. Jef is moaning about something. Barb makes the Spock LLAP sign, then turns her hand around, indicating the opposite. 


What do you think?

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