Black Hole, Black Metal 

I’m in Scotland. I have a cartoon hand on the end of a stick. I joke about using it for sexual harassment at a distance. Then I use it to pat a dog in a garden. It’s not a dog, but a wild boar, and he’s annoyed by it. A woman in the garden tries to calm him down. 
I’m lay on my back, looking at the grey sky. The clouds are different here. They swirl in angular, kaleidoscopic patterns. I get out my iPhone to film them. It takes me a while to get the camera to work. The clouds have lightened, and reverted to normal. I film them anyway, focussing on a single small cloud near the horizon. I see a vapour trail head toward it. I suspect a meteor. As it hits the cloud, the cloud distorts and is swallowed up. It was hit by a tiny black hole. 
I talk to others about what we have witnessed. I tell them I’ll put my video on YouTube later. I wonder how many hits it will get. 
Back outside the pigs garden. I left some busking equipment here, but it’s now gone. I walk to a nearby shopping area. I’m with Cory Doctorow, playing in a street band. He’s drumming, and I’m on keyboards. I have way too many keyboards on a huge stand, like a black metal cage, and a green, detuned tambura. 
As the band sets up, small children excitedly ask questions. I hear a fire alarm, but it’s just a kid playing with one of my synths. One of the kids asks about the black metal cage. I tell them it was for an unrealised project where I would track dancers body movements to generate the music that they danced too. 
I wish I could play the Vibraband, then I wouldn’t need so much equipment. 


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