Ukrainian Bank Kangaroo Jihad

I’m in a bank. There’s a gig on. Someone from the Ukrainians has come to the US to play. J is already in there. I get a ticket with an $11 note, and buy some snacks, and a commemorative plank of wood with bands names painted on. I joke that it’s my indie band (b)log. The band is starting. I climb up wire mesh shelving on the walls to sit on a wire shelf and watch the band. A bouncer collects bits of wood to sell. I don’t let him take mine. The band begin. Batyar, their version of Bigmouth Strikes Again. I’m sat next to a young doctor. I offer to buy him a drink. I climb down the shelves, now stocked with chocolate bars. One shelf slides out as I hold on to it. A bar drops. I retrieve it from atop a man’s black leather shoe. “20¢” the bouncer says, and a stranger gives me 10¢ to put in a slot on the wall.   I walk outside. Someone I know asks me why I use this bank. “They’re all interesting people”, I tell them. They head inside, to open an account. 
I watching TV. An ad shows a city destroyed by jihadists with kangaroo bombs. Then it invites me to join an Odinist league, to combat the evil kangaroo bombers. 


What do you think?

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