Birds with Cutlery 

I’m in Lithuania. I’m walking through a park. I see birds with cutlery eating animal remains. I’m in a parallel world. I can’t think how they could have evolved like that. I reach where I’m staying. A bedsit. I’m cutting some linoleum for my sleeping area. It’s blue and white. It forms a funnel, and I’m trapped inside it, like a black hole. A voice tells me not to interfere. I climb out, and go outside for a walk. Ice creams vans play music I don’t recognise. Everyone is American. A stadium is promoting British Military songs. An outside market sells army surplus clothes and punk jewellery. I wander through the university, looking at an incredible sunset. It becomes obscured by clouds. I see fireballs entering the atmosphere. Buildings nearby start to burn. I take a photo, and run for cover. 
Waves of heat and pressure sweep over me as waves from the sun reach earth. I survive. I head back, past burning buildings, a parent and child tell me how they used psychic powers to direct the waves to one safe point, saving them. I am annoyed that I didn’t know about pressure waves from the sun. 


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