Waiting at Exeter Airport.

Loitering at the airport. Kids and families. The smell of duty free perfume. Walls full of tax free poisons to slowly kill you. Nationalist tat. Books Richard Madely would recommend. I’ve had too much coffee. Sprayed myself with blue water. Powered down my iPad. No service on my phone. Isolated, we peruse the items for sale, trapped for another twenty minutes before boarding begins.

No natural light. This is a timeless place. It is all times at once. It is a valve, sucking people in, then pumping them onto a plane. The heartbeat of travel, or the peristalsis of a national digestive system.

I am not a terrorist. My shoes set off an alarm. Xrayed, they are fine. Good and friendly security staff here. Doing a great job in a very busy environment.

” We make time fly at Exeter Airport” reads the writing on the wall. We Make is the branding for the bar. All bars make time fly. And speed you towards your grave.

No free wifi. This is a bad thing. My guess is an old world business model. Based on getting you to spend money, not spreading the message by word of mouth, not aiming for repeat business. Small minded.

Flight delayed until quarter past seven. 25 mins late. 25 mins longer to resist the lure of the bar.